Evexius Healthcare

Evexius Healthcare has been founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals with a passion to serve. Through the creation of unique business models that help deliver better healthcare to its customers, we want to use our vast healthcare experience to address a spectrum of issues in the continuum of care, ranging from helping large organizations resolve their complex problems to serving patients that need tender love and care once they enter their golden years.

We are an agile organization with exceptional academic qualifications, wide technical knowledge and deep commercial acumen bringing together over 100 years of combined experience.


We will be caring, compassionate, efficient and honest partners of choice for healthcare providers and seekers who need “fit for purpose” solutions, products and services in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific.


Improving access, awareness and affordability to healthcare by bringing technologies, products, solutions and services that enhance access while creating economic value, guided by high standards of ethics and integrity.

Evexius Business Solutions:

Every organization has to adapt increasingly rapidly to the market environment caused by declining pricing, accelerated commoditization and rapid regulatory changes. Evexius Business Solutions has created unique operational models that allow our customers to accelerate direct market access without worrying about inventory management and AR collection concerns.

We enable organizations to drive deep commercial penetration through our unique process outlines and technology enabled solutions to accelerate revenues with better efficiencies.

Reach and penetration

Each geography presents a unique set of challenges unified by a common unmet medical need. Cut-and-paste models may be easy to do but, in reality, what works in India may not be suitable for the Philippines.

The Evexius team has a histroy of carving unique business models tailored to fit geographical needs. Through consultation and Business Model Innovation, we fundamentally rethink the need around your customer and align business operations accordingly. This technique maximizes your profit formula and distingguishes your business from competitors.


Through Strategic Market Development, we discover the true needs of the customer and translate those needs into an actionable plan, overcoming the barriers to market adoption and elevating your product to standard of care.

Home Health Solutions:

Increasing number of parents in India are staying alone in their golden years as their children work and live internationally. Such parents face a huge challenge of unmet healthcare needs and are left to navigate a complex healthcare system by themselves. Additionally, social loneliness and lack of engagement cause psychological stress and trauma, resulting in anguish and accelerated deterioration in the quality of their life. Home Health Solutions is created to provide such parents with services through our reputed network of trusted providers that help them feel comfortable and reassured during their times of illness or loneliness. Through Home Health Solutions, we want to give back to those who helped us be who we are today!

We love to:

  • Bring a meaningful change in healthcare delivery system
  • Deliver on values and proven results
  • Drive a patient focused approach
  • Introduce innovative solutions to drive business goals
  • Identify strategic opportunities and improve continuously
  • Partner with global healthcare leaders to dispense new products and therapies
  • Provide insightful analysis to drive decisions