What do we do?

Unique services and customized
solutions that increase efficiency

Consignment management at a hospital – to ensure that you have the right products at the right time – is never easy. It requires “smart” and “efficient” processes to save costs and maximize revenue, thus increasing sales force effectiveness. Our inventory management solutions enable you to set up a channel that is “direct to the market”, addressing all your last mile servicing concerns. Our customized solutions offer efficient inventory and AR management solutions that enable you to have hassle-free operations with excellent service quality while strengthening your balance sheet. At Evexius, we create delight for you and your customers, offering you total peace of mind at all times.


  • Tailored solutions to manage your stocks for you at the point of usage with optimal inventory levels through transparent and traceable process.
  • Inefficient inventory and wastage are barriers to therapy access that challenge both healthcare providers and manufactures. Shrinking profit margins mean heightened needs for efficieny. Evexius' Consign soluation helps provide accurate upstream forecasting of products to match hospital demand based on usage trends and PAR level management.
  • Manufacturers save costs and physicians get access to products at all times.
  • Through our Consign solution, we create customer delight through "just in time" inventory availability.


  • Efficient and robust payment collection process enhancing better cash flow by reducing order to cash cycle.
  • Getting payments from hospitals can be a manufactuer's biggest concern in setting up a direct channel to the hospital. Lock of familiarity with the hospital finance systems and procedures combined with strong follow up and paperwork requirements can put your AR at risk.
  • At Evexius, we address this through an in-person and remote customer care service that ensures documented and timely follow up, enabling proper documentation and strong support mechanisms to help release AR on time. Manufactures Save money resulting in a healthier P&L through a stronger cash cycle.


  • Rotating short expiry products and inter-hospital inventory transfer to ensure optimal inventory management are elements of last mile servicing that are both expensive and cumbersome to mange.
  • These are integral to saving costs and ensuring inventory availability. Evexius provides efficient services throght its "inventory and AR specialists" who ensure quick movement of inventory supported by a robust tracking mechanism of products.
  • Manufacturers save money and physicians get products on time, every time.


Insightful Analytics
& Reports through
Customized Dashboards
Dashboards combine
Complete Tender Mgmt
Solution & Data
Data Analytics
for Actionable
Insights for Robust
Sales Decisions
Documented &
Timely Follow up
Supply Chain Data
for Generating
Actionable Insight for
Augmenting Sales
Wealth of Experience
for Better Data &
Stromger Analytics
Results: Sound
Decisions, Revenue
Growth & Cost Savings

What are your benefits?

Reduced dependence
on an expensive
and loosely controlled
dealer network
Enhanced customer
proximity for both
private and
public hospitals
Increased sales
force focus on
demand generation
Optimal inventory
management that
ensures 100% product
availability with
minimal lost, damaged
or expired goods
Detailed insights &
analytics of your
product inventory
& market sales
Complete tender