Home Health Solutions - FAQs

Because of the personalized nature of home care, there is not always a single answer for every question. Below are some general responses to some of the most commonly asked questions about our home care services, but to get an answer that apply to your specific situation, please give us a call at (609) 968 2366 US or +91 8850537765(IN) or send an email to care@evexiushealthcare.com.

Q1. Who are the Home Health Sherpas?

Home Health Sherpas are trained health counsellors with a passion to serve. They know the local medical and healthcare delivery network and through this maze they guide your parents with the sole interest of providing the best healthcare. They search local databases to present possible options to your parents and on the choices that they make our Sherpa will facilitate them.

Q2. How do we trust a Home Health Sherpa?

Home Health Sherpas are carefully selected and screened by us. They undergo strict background checks by our HR. Trust is built with experience and hence we advocate Home Health Sherpas who serve your parents as a part of our service plan.

Q3. What is your responsibility in an emergency?

We are facilitators and put in our best efforts to help your parents in the case of emergency. We play the role of your trusted friend during this time and intimate your listed emergency contacts. We do not provide healthcare services neither are we clinicians, but we will ensure that through our knowledge we facilitate the best healthcare possible.

Q4. Will your Home Health Sherpa be able to reach on time when called for a service?

For preventive services, our Home Health Sherpa will provide a 2.5 hrs. window within which they will arrive at the appointment. For emergency services, our Home Health Sherpa will activate an emergency protocol which typically consists of contacting your designated friends and relatives, contacting the nearest ambulance network and recommend the best healthcare facility for you to decide on where to take your parents to get the best medical care. Home Health Sherpas will reach the healthcare facility based on your instructions.

Q5. Why should I take your preventive care services? I would like to take your services when there is an emergency?

Through our preventive healthcare services your parents stay healthy and fit through routine doctor consultations and wellness counselor calls. Also, as a part of preventive care plan our Home Health Sherpa makes a personal visit to your parents and maps the health parameters which are then transmitted to the doctor in realtime. We advocate that Home Health Sherpas serve your parents during times where they need preventive care. As familiarity grows, trust grows, and our Home Health Sherpas will gradually become your parents trusted advisor when an emergency occurs.

Q6. Will the Home Health Sherpa be trained to handle my parents delicately?

Home Health Sherpas are trained counsellors with a passion to serve. They are trained to provide the best experience to your parents at times of preventive or emergency care. A portion of Home Health Sherpas remuneration is tied to satisfaction scores as generated by your parents.

Q7. How will you keep us informed about the status of our parent’s health?

We will keep you informed about the status of your parent’s health through high quality reports and information as needed. You can also directly contact our Home Health Sherpa for information. You could talk to your parents through them as well if needed.

Q8. Will you be by our parent’s side for as long as they need during an emergency?

Yes. We will endeavor to be by your parents for as long as they need us. We will balance emergencies and will have to prioritize other patients if they need us more. This is a judgment call that we would make. After all, we think of your parents as our parents.

Q9. How do you charge for your services?

For all preventive services, we have a fixed monthly charge of $19.99/month and they go through a preventive care protocol that covers a monthly rotation of doctor’s telephonic consultation, transmission of vital parameters through a Home Health Sherpas personal visit to your home, wellness counsellor calls and chai time. For all emergency or any other reactive services that is outside the above, we charge a fee of $160 for half day.

Q10. What happens if I am not happy with your service quality?

We endeavour to provide the best home health services to keep your parents happy and healthy. For any reason, if you are unhappy with our service quality, we assure you about our commitment to gather your feedback and improve on our services. Also, at any given time that you desire, you are free to cancel the subscription at the end of a three-month cycle.