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Let’s make old age easy!

We offer Preventive Medical Care, Emergency Care and Post Procedural Care
services to the elderly in Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.
Opening up in more cities soon.

Preventive Care

With the help of licensed physicians and wellness counselors our preventive services keep you in top shape. We offer fun and engaging ways for our members to interact with one another, relieve stress, and enjoy the company of like minded members.
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Emergency Care

Health-related emergencies can arise anytime, especially when seniors stay alone. We are well-equipped to tackle unexpected crises with our Home Health Concierge who in your absence will take care of urgent healthcare needs at the right time.
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Post-Procedural Care

Essential for steady recovery. It is important to follow a regime of adequate diet, exercise and medication, followed up with routine tests and doctor consultations. We you an expert in each of these fields for your quick recovery.
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We encourage our members to focus on WELLNESS & PREVENTION through our initiatives like CHAI TIME & regular CHECK-UP and CONSULTATION CALLS.
We are always prepared to tackle an EMERGENCY and have an excellent HOSPITAL CONCIERGE service.
We have an experienced and compassionate team for POST-PROCEDURAL assistance to aid RECOVERY.

Does distance make your heart grow weaker?

We understand that you could be living abroad or maybe within India, but far away from your aging parents and cannot be with them all the time. You constantly worry about their health issues and the loneliness they go through. In event of a sudden health emergency, they are highly dependent on neighbors, friends, or relatives. But can friends, relatives or neighbors provide care for prolonged periods? Are they experts in healthcare practices?

Extend your care, get peace of mind, and be in the know with Home Health Solutions. Home Health Solutions is an innovative service offered by Evexius with affiliations in India, US and Singapore. We aim to transform the way geriatric care is handled in our homeland with deference to the diaspora. We are a compassionate team fueled by a passion for care, resulting in comfortable care and better health outcomes for cherished family members.

Home Health Solutions provides tender love and care for elderly living in India through designated Home Health Sherpas who are trained, resourceful, sincere and honest professionals. Our Home Health Sherpas offer meaningful services that coordinate the well-being of your parents through a balanced preventive care approach provided by our expert physicians and wellness counselors. Home Health Sherpas support you through providing emergency care and post-procedure care to transform their lives. Home Health Solutions is more than a medical service, it is an experience enabling PEACE OF MIND for both you and your parents.

How much do our services cost?

Our services are for our members only. It's easy to become one!

Our packages start at

INR 2699/month or USD 39/month

Plus taxes as applicable.

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"Chai Time" is an initiative started by us to facilitate and encourage social engagement through fun activities and interactive social gatherings. Chai time helps our members defeat loneliness and depression, and helps them gain confidence to live life to the fullest again, having a more positive outlook towards the world.


You can call us on one of our numbers or simply fill out this form and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

India: +91 8860923233

US: +1 609-968-2366

Singapore: +65 91056304

Email: care@evexiushealthcare.com

Free Basic Health Check-up* for Seniors

-Available in Mumbai (including Navi Mumbai & Thane), Pune and Kolkata.
-Includes basic parameters like BP, single lead ECG, body temperature, SpO2 and glucose.
-All these indicators need further validation by qualified healthcare professionals and every report has to be clinically corroborated.
-Evexius Pvt Ltd is in no way liable for any error.


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We believe in celebrating our elders! We offer Preventive Medical, Emergency & Post Procedural Care services to the elderly in Mumbai (incl. Navi Mumbai & Thane), Pune & Kolkata at the moment. Services coming soon to other cities. An innovative service offered by Evexius with affiliations in India, US and Singapore.
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India: +91 8860923233
US: +1 609-968-2366
Singapore: +65 91056304


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© 2020 Evexius Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. Powered by ALV Works.