Home Health Solutions - Team

Our healthcare management programs are driven by qualified, caring, and committed team members. We are a perfect mix of compassionate experts who seek to optimize wellness energy, independence and joy in this special phase of life.

Rajib Das
Founder and CEO

He is graduate in pharmacy and a certified professional from IIM in APSM with more than 20 years of sales experience in pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device industry. He has worked in across various geographies and has achieved leadership role in a very short span due to his agility and people management skills. He has been recognized with several accolades for his contribution to drive sales and achieve targets.

With his deep knowledge in healthcare industry and his passion for innovation, he is confident to drive Home Health Solutions with a greater mission to improve access and drive high-quality geriatric home healthcare in India.

Parul Gala
Chief Marketing Officer

She is a post graduate in Life Sciences, a certified clinical research specialist and a diploma holder in project management with over 10 years of experience in marketing for a medical device company in India. She has worked in the healthcare industry as a marketing communication expert, and has supported numerous healthcare projects with an innovative spirit and zeal.

With her passion and love towards supporting the well-being of Indian parents, she leads the sales and marketing efforts at Home Health Solutions. A go-getter, she aims to transform the face of home healthcare in India through her dedication, belief and a focused approach towards delivering results.

Olivier Blandin
Mentor and Advisor

He is a micro-engineer and an EPFL from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology with an MBA from the London Business School. He has 18+ years of experience in leading the business operations in healthcare and healthcare service industry and has worked across Europe, US, India and LATAM. Thus far he has succeeded in achieving 3 patents for new innovations that help businesses run their operations in a smooth and efficient manner.

With his solid experience in product development to product industrialization, manufacturing to supply chain and distribution and customer service & operations to business development, he is very enthusiastic to drive Evexius to a newer heights.

Dr. RK Shrivastava
Clinical Advisor

He serves as a general medical advisor for Home Health Solutions. Dr. RK has over 40 years of practice experience in general surgery. He has performed over 15,000 surgeries and has helped countless patients.

He has published 7 articles in peer reviewed journals on topics related to complex medical procedures and medical technologies. Aside from the academic and procedural aspects of medicine, Dr. RK truly enjoys getting to know his patients and providing them with high quality, personalized care.

Dr. Vanita Arora
Clinical Advisor

She is the first female Cardiac Electrophysiologist in India, practicing in the field since last 25 years in Max Hospital, Delhi. She possesses vast experience in the field of cardiology and has been a pioneer in '3D mapping of complex arrhythmias' in India. She completed her MBBS, MD and DNB in Cardiology, and has been certified with several fellowship accolades from international institutes.

She has written chapters for several books and her articles have been published in various journals. She enjoys interacting with her patients; transforming their lives by helping them make tangible changes in their lifestyle. She has dedicated her life goals towards social well-being of people by creating awareness about SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death) and Heart Failure.

Neelam Mirjee

She is a self-employed leader of a global team operating in the wellness industry, with over 10 years of experience in B2C Sales and Marketing and developing people-skills. She has performed several leadership roles in the past, empowering individuals to achieve their business targets.

As a Lead Global Trainer in Home Health Solutions, she manages the global sales training for the ‘Home Health Ambassadors’. Her primary role is to mentor the ambassadors, develop strategies to create different avenues for growth, and help build a sustainable business system.

She believes in the attitude of gratitude. Her mission is to make people’s lives better, by bringing the best out of them. In her spare time, she enjoys doing voluntary work for the community and wielding her paintbrush to create beautiful works of art.

Sayali Pitale
Wellness Counselor, Mumbai and Pune

She is a Master’s in Sciences with specialization in nutrition and dietetics, with over 11 years of experience as a health professional practicing clinical nutrition. She possesses an extensive experience of working at several hospitals, clinics and other health institutions. Her experience includes: counseling a wide spectrum of patients to help them meet and manage their health goals and quality of life.

She has conducted several lectures and workshops in hospitals, corporations, schools and other institutions to promote healthy nutrition and food habits. She is also a conscientious and self- motivated entrepreneur with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed. With her rich healthcare management experience and a mission to percolate a healthy lifestyle in elderly parents, she is excited to be a part of Home Health Solutions.