“I was diagnosed with hairline fracture of spine. I was advised physiotherapy and I got in touch with Evexius. They recommended Dr. Reshma Bora who felt like she was the best physiotherapist, in the first session only. Thank you Team Evexius for helping me so quickly. Any medical emergency or crisis, the first name I remember is Evexius.”

Mrs. Supriya Dasgupta, Pune

“One fine day, two smiling faces came to me and said , hello aunty we have come to take care of you. The two were none other than Neville and Sanjana. Their founder Rajiv Das also met me and I was very impressed. And from that day I have new members in my family. I came to know about Evexius from my elder sister in Pune. And very soon I realised they were good samaritans taking care of oldies like us. When our families are far, one call and they are at our doorstep. The best part is our consultations are at home so no waiting in long queues. A friend to us, advising and guiding us in our health related issues. Now they, worry for us. In short I am happy with their services. I do pay them but my family members feel relaxed that in their absence there is someone to take care. I will and I have already recommended them to my society members. I wish them good luck and success in their journey.”

Mrs. Vandana Dika, Mumbai

"I like the concept of assigning a dedicated Sherpa who would be my one point of contact in case of any health needs arises. I had also attended the Chai time - it was very well organised, and I think going further this could be a very good platform for networking among members."

Mrs. Maneck Dangor, Pune

"Evexius Home Health Care Solutions is an amazing initiative for senior citizens like me. Evexius has an excellent team of care managers who facilitate healthcare at home with quality services at affordable prices; my wife and I are very happy."

Mr. & Mrs. Atul Shah, Pune

“With Evexius, I had the comfort of getting my tests done at home - from consultation of nutritionist to doctor consultation, all at my convenience. There was even a great get together with other members.”

Mr. Supriyo Dasgupta, Pune

“Bringing discipline in mom's health was always my concern since she became diabetic. I am very glad we found a professionally managed organization - Evexius to bring visibility to my mom's health status with periodic checkups, consulting with the right physician and engaging with a professional counselor to facilitate and monitor her health.”

Mr. Videsh Narkhede, Mumbai